The new clever hydraulic cylinder

What is the Smart Cylinder?

A revolutionary hydraulic solution to increase productivity, increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions in heavy industrial applications.

OEMs in the hydraulic machine field require innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and build a new appeal of their products.

The smart cylinder work in the way to adapt the energy available on operational contexts, a performance not available with standard solutions. Thanks to the integration of a pressure booster performing inside the cylinder, a pressure surplus is activated only when more force is required, optimizing the complete machine efficiency, its speed and energy consumption.

What are the benefits of the Smart Cylinder?

Challenged by the demand for high specific power applications, we have conceived and developed a new generation of hydraulic cylinders capable of adapting their performance to different operating conditions.

The smart cylinder, compared to a conventional linear actuator, shows advantages in the field of energy efficiency and new energy technologies such as:

  • Increase in specific power by reducing up to three times the operating dimensions means effective areas, and the cycle time using the same flow rate;
  • Doubling of performance with the same geometric characteristics, thanks to the highest effective pressures (up to 700 bar) generated on request by the system, while today's hydraulic systems generate 350 bar.

Design, safety and advance

The smart cylinder is conceived with a unique design that limits the high-pressure hydraulic system inside the cylinder itself, avoiding expensive and dangerous connections.
The smart cylinder gets to the market as a safe system for the environment and the health of workers, eliminating the risk of dangerous leaks of high-pressure fluid.
The smart cylinder represents a great advance over the current state of the art and has the necessary elements to become a market success.

The project has been financed with European funds of the program Por fesr 2014-2020.

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