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The new Hydraulic Cylinder

Pressure on demand

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High Pressures Cylinders

High Pressures Hydraulic Cylinders
Power and speed

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Metal recycling systems Cylinders

Metal recycling systems Hydraulic Cylinders
Robustness and resistance

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Drilling And Foundation TBM Cylinders

Drilling And Foundation TBM Hydraulic Cylinders
Strength and robustness

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Cranes and Offshore Cylinders

Cranes And Offshore Hydraulic Cylinders
Lightness and Dynamism

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Industrial presses Cylinders

Industrial Presses Hydraulic Cylinders
Power and reliability

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Hydro Energy Cylinders

Hydro Energy Hydraulic Cylinders
Efficiency and durability

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Logistic and port solutions Cylinders

Logistic and port solutions Hydraulic Cylinders
Durability and reliability

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Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders
Agility and continuity

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We design and manufacture special hydraulic cylinders, reliable and certified.
Sighinolfi provides custom cylinder solutions, including single and double-acting customizable hydraulic cylinders either of big dimensions for heavy-duty machines or small and innovative, with pressure up to 700 bar.
Our high technology cylinders are designed to power the largest hydraulic applications, as mobile harbour cranes, container handling lift trucks and reach stackers, industrial mobile cranes, truck cranes, offshore applications, earth drilling machines, hydroelectric and dams, recycling presses, waste compactors, machine tools, and all the products are able to satisfy every customers’ requests.

Idraulica Sighinolfi Albano is a sound company projected to a constant quality improvement of its product and services provided in Italy and abroad.

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Introduction Idraulica Sighinolfi

We have a successful history of more than 50 years in automation and industrial processes by means of hydraulic systems. We can rely on an internal staff of 60 expert workers, a plant of 9000sq.m., and an efficient manufacture structure with latest generation equipment for the production of large dimensions special cylinders, single and double-acting cylinders, self-plunge cylinders, telescopic oleo-dynamic cylinders and cylinders for high pressures with more than 700 bar.

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