HIGH PRESSURES Hydraulic CylindersCylinders for high pressures

Shears Hydraulic Cylinder
Shears cylinder

Power and speed of our Hydraulic Cylinders

Our high-pressure hydraulic cylinders are able to work over 700 bar and represent a new generation of products designed to increase power density volume. These hydraulic cylinders are at the same time lightweight and fast with low pressure and strong with high pressure, thank to integrated or flanged pressure amplifier. These products are born from the latest studies in hydraulic technology: they allow a considerable power and cost saving, integrating perfectly with the existing hydraulic system.
The design is projected to resist to the highest performance needed: the production is realized in special steel and the measures are studied to absorb stresses and spread out them evenly on the structure.

Shears cylinders

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High pressure hydraulic cylinders Idraulica Sighinolfi


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