Power density: hydraulics, too, has its challenge to win.

We are not only cylinder manufacturers.
We are an innovation garage.

Our thought doesn't originate from a product but from the needs and ambitions of our customers.
Customers, their business and the results they want to achieve is our focus.

We develop solutions customized to their needs. We defy expectations to achieve extraordinary results, working with them and by their side. Listening always plays a crucial role in all our projects since the customer is at the solution's core.

We talk about specific markets. We don't tailor products.
We highlighted three essential subjects for market of recycling presses, that represent a fundamental change for our customer’s business


After having detailed the first objective in the previous Focus On, we talk now about the second goal: productivity.

Let's talk about specific situations. Take, for example, the press cylinder. This large cylinder takes a long time to compact the scrap. To make it faster, you need a large flow of oil supplied by a powerful pump. Our technology allows you to achieve the same result with less flow using a booster that works as a speed variator, faster in the passive phases and more potent in the active ones of compaction.

Smart cylinder® family is born to be incredibly fastcompact and powerful.
We use all the available energy to modulate the speed and strength of the needs of the work to be done.

What you need to reduce the cycle time is at your disposal today. An e-mail or a phone call is enough to discover how to achieve your goal. 
Your customers will be thrilled when seeing their productivity growing without compromises.
We offer you, free of charge, the possibility to calculate the value that this innovation can add to your company.
Imagine being able to sell these performances to your customers against a comparative project that highlights the benefits for them and their customers.

Contact us to discuss your project with our technicians to develop the most suitable cylinder for you without any risk and free of charge.


Smartcylinder® 2.0:
smaller, more robust, better performing.

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