A high qualified personnel is employed in the assemblement of our cylinders.

Each operator knows exactly the characteristics and the service of the cylinder assembled , supported by the technical complete drawing and the assemblement rules.

High importance is given to the preparation of all components to assemble.

Our staff is provided of different tools for an easier and sharp assemblement and the input of the most used and diffused type of seals.

To guarantee an accurate and balanced tightening of the screws Idraulica Sighinolfi Albano uses calibrated dynamometrical keys and force multiplier to lock till 3000 Nm.

Seven assemblement isles, studied and differentiated for type of product, assure to Idraulica Sighinolfi Albano a yearly production of more than 6000 cylinders.

After the assemblement all our cylinders are submitted to the hydraulic test on the 2 hydraulic systems for testing to guarantee that the cylinders are without leaks and are acting well.

These equipments, constantly in maintenance to assure a high level of purity of the oil, allow us to make hydraulic tests till 500 bars.

If needed, we can fill the cylinders with specific oil.

We are able to perform any type of paint on our cylinders: by only up to a primer coating for corrosive and marine environments adequately protect unpainted areas.