Coating welding turning

Idraulica Sighinolfi Albano is a flexible, dynamic and efficient reality that boasts on more than 50 qualified workers in the production area and can count on a wide range of sub-suppliers to fulfill the goals of innovative and high technology customers.

Our staff is strictly bound to our internal rules of EN ISO 9001:2000 concerning quality, check and safety.

We use avant-garde and high accuracy machines that guarantee a supply of high quality products.

In order to keep the right competitiveness in different market sectors, we have equipped our fleet of machines to work diameters from 32mm up to 650mm and lengths till 11 meters.

Our fleet consists of CNC lathes, traditional lathes, CNC honing machines, skiving and rolling CNC machines, a working centre, centreless grinding, welding systems with robots and semi-automathic MIG and TIG, boring machine and cutting machines.

The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder need to be protected from corrosion and have to be covered through highly performing surface treatments and coatings specifically designed to withstand various environmental conditions where the cylinders can operate. It varies from corrosion resistance of 100 h NSS of chrome plating or nitriding at 1000 hours Nickel + Chromium up to the high performance of thermal spray of metal alloys HVOF or PTA that reach and exceed 4000h HSS

The will to differ our customers has taken Idraulica Sighinolfi Albano into technological challenges that today let us to be one of the first companies with certified welding process by third-party as Lloyd Register and Germanischer Lloyd.

To optimize our capacity on the machines the production is fully planned and scheduled through a MRP software and can be updated in real time.